The Latest on CloudSuite FSM Reporting

Dec 8. 2:00pm EST

Type: Tech

Todd Ericsson & Matt Nye will spend some time providing you the latest updates on FSM reporting and analytics.





Accelerate your IPA Interfaces

Dec 8. 3:00m EST

Type: Tech

Join Jeff House to learn the benefits of using web calls and dbexports combined with JSON to help optimize interfaces with IPA. Get rid of those nagging memory errors and improve run time from hours to minutes, even seconds.




Mental Health Break Webinar — RPI Masterminds: Talking About Emotional Intelligence

Dec 8. 4:00pm EST

Type: General

Join Amanda Gibson and Stephanie Kowal for a conversation on Improving your Emotional Intelligence, and how you can apply emotional intelligence in your professional and personal life.

Infor Thought Clouds

Dec 9. 10:00am EST

Type: General

Come hear RPI’s perspective on what’s hot in the Infor space. We're talking migrations to multi-tenant, planning and roadmapping, project methodology innovations, Infor tech and application news.




Infor Document Management & DocuSign - Let's get your Contracts Signed

Dec 9. 11:00am EST

Type: SCM

For most organizations getting your contract documents signed by your supplier and organizational signatory is a must. Up until recently this was a process that most were executing outside of their FSM CloudSuite application. We are excited to share that Infor has recently rolled out its integration with IDM and DocuSign integration. This very critical step in the contract lifecycle process for any organization is now able to be leveraged with contract document types supported by IDM. So join us to learn how to plan, prepare, and implement this new functionality for your organization.

What's New and Cool in CloudSuite Supply Management

Dec 9. 12:00m EST

Type: SCM

Don’t have time to read the monthly release documents? Functionality passing you by? Not to worry, we have you covered. Join RPI Consultants to get caught up on all the new and cool additions to CloudSuite Supply Management over the last year.







Mental Health Break Webinar — RPI Masterminds: Talking About Leveling up your Presentation Skills

Dec 9. 1:00pm EST

Type: General

Join Lauren Beeker and Daniel Jenab for a discussion on elevating your presentation skills, what makes a good presenter, and some tips and tricks on how to master the art of presentation.






Mental Health Break Webinar — RPI Masterminds: Talking About Work/Life Balance

Dec 9. 2:00pm EST

Type: General

Work life balance is always a hot topic of conversation. Accepting that there is no “perfect” work life balance is the first step! Come spend some time with Steph and Annie discussing, collaborating, and brainstorming ways to help create and/or contribute to a work life balance approach that will work for you!





Mental Health Break Webinar — RPI Masterminds: Talking About Creativity

Dec 9. 3:00pm EST

Type: General

Creativity isn't just reserved for those who identify as “creative” people. Everyone is artistic and the creative process is a crucial component to your happiness in the work place and in life. Join Sarah Concannon & Logan Miller for insight into how creative outlets outside of work can teach lessons you can use in your world and what creativity looks like within RPI.